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Sweet Pea Lane

Little crocheted houses

Tucked away in a special place where the houses are crocheted and mushrooms abound, there is a quiet little street called Sweet Pea Lane  ....

stash busting

a yarn stash resolution

A.)  Do you love colour?
B.)  Do you love yarn?
C.)  Do you feel a thrill when a squishy parcel arrives in the post?
D.)  All of the above?
Chances are you also have a yarn addiction. You're not alone.

pretty duffle bag for dirty laundry

A girl's laundry bag

A trip to Rockhampton to visit our son and his wife in their first home was motivation to finally make that laundry bag I've had in my head for a while. I'd bought the canvas and quilting cotton fabrics when Amy Sinibaldi released her first pretty fabric range called "Paperie".

A giveaway!


I didn't want you to miss out on entering my very first giveaway, so here it is :)

January 2017 and has been a big month for me creatively speaking. My first PDF pattern has been released here on Craftsy ... yippee, and I also reached 500 followers on Instagram . To say thank you to all my followers, both on Instagram and here on my blog, I decided to host a giveaway!

Entries close Thursday night 2nd February so be quick.

how to make Wynne Bunny's quilt

scrappy mini quilt love + how to

Don't you just love fabric ... admiring fabric, making beautiful things with fabric, sorting through your fabric scraps remembering the projects you've made? 
Using those treasured scraps is a whole new, wonderful adventure.
I really, really love scrappy projects. No matter how big or how small those scraps of fabric are, any piece saved will one day make it into a happy, scrappy project.

"A" is for Amigurumi, adorable, and addictive

Dear Blog ....

I'm sorry I have neglected you for a little while, but you see, what with a happy, busy Christmas and spending time with my lovely family, I've been rather busy.
There's one more thing I need to mention. I ... errr .... have found a new amour. Before you say anything, it wasn't anything you did I promise. It's me ... not you.  
It all started with an apple .....

A Christmas tree skirt

Feeling a lot like Christmas

I'm very pleased to report the Christmas tree skirt is spending this Christmas around its very own Christmas tree. It would be even more wonderful if the skirt was completely and abso-tively finished but "almost" is enough just for now.
You see if we wait until the tree skirt is really, really finished, that poor tree's bottom will be naked for yet another year, and nobody wants that.
So .... ta- da !!

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