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Easy Liberty scarf

Liberty and pom poms

My Mum's birthday is coming up in a few days, giving me a chance to use some of my heavily guarded Liberty stash. As the fabric really speaks for itself I thought a simple design would work well. It's an easy make, using only squares and rectangles, so I've provided a little tutorial for those of you who might be interested in making your own scarf.

deer granny bag

a deer and granny squares project bag

It's always tricky trying to decide what to make crafty friends for their birthdays, especially when they are super-talented people. Inspiration came along in the form of a project bag ... with lots of  lovely pockets.

granny square CAL ... #1

# 1 ... heart granny square  

There wouldn't be many crocheters who haven't made at least one granny square in their crochet career. All those who haven't, raise your hand .... I thought so!

Skirts for girls ....

Skirts for girls .....

Here we are in February already, and I'm wondering what everyone has been up to 😊. 
January feels like it should still be taken as holiday time, and by extension I suppose that means that by February one should be getting back into the swing of things.

embroidered crocheted washer

Embroidering onto crochet

There is something about the end of the day that makes me want to reach for some yarn rather than sit at the sewing machine. Perhaps it's the quietness of the click of the knitting needles, or the silence of the moving crochet hook that is soothing and peaceful - perhaps it's the feel of the soft yarn when I'm tired. Whatever the reason is, I like to have a yarn project to pick up at night when the day and I are slowing down.

Embroidery inchie sampler part 3

stem stitch, lazy daisy, cross stitch & blanket stitch

I'm a little surprised that the embroidery sampler is taking on a life of its own, in a good way. In the beginning I had ideas of what I would do, of how it would look, but having a contributing partner kind of throws all those expectations out the window ... and makes it much more exciting!

Moonlit Shawl

A snuggly finish 

One Moonlit Shawl all ready to be draped deliciously, or cuddled close.

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